Young Thug & DJ Carnage – Liger

Young Thug & DJ Carnage – Liger MP3 Download

Young Thug & DJ Carnage - Liger

Young Thug and DJ Carnage unleash “Liger” off “Young Martha.”

After what we can only surmise was plenty of business discussions and meetings behind the scenes, DJ Carnage and Young Thug are finally ready to let the world hear their anticipated collaborative album, Young Martha. DJ Carnage, for his part, hasn’t put out a release since his Step Brothers EP in March, which was also a joint effort, but this time with Bay Area rapper G-Eazy (and evidently he’d like G-Eazy return to Step Brothers form, as he says in our recent interview — the second video featured below).Young Martha, for Thug’s part, will follow up his Beautiful Thugger Girls project from June. We’re still waiting for his proper, official debut.So for Young Martha, Carnage adopts his production style for the Atlanta weirdo-crooner that is Young Thug (and I say that in the most loving way). The full joint effort arrives tomorrow, and was led by a music video/single that features Meek Mill and heavy organs, “Homie,” which went over quite well with the fans. A day before Young Martha drops, we’re blessed with another record off it, titled “Liger” — the crossbreed between a tiger and a lion, which honestly is right up Thugger’s alley, as he penchant for dropping animal-based references in his music. We’ve explored those references time and time again.

“Liger” instrumental may be even doper than “Homie,” while still incorporating organ-esque keys, and a quirky flute rhythm, sided with a string arrangement; it’s super lush and evocative. Thugger is perfect for this type of eccentric beat, switching up flows, while the beat itself also evolves as the song progresses. Can you fuck with it? Let us know what you think, and be ready to cop this album when it drops at Midnight.

Carnage previously told us about the idea behind Young Martha: “[I wanted] to take like everything we love about Thug, and put steroids in that. It’s just, you know, Martha Stewart, in her prime when she was making billions of dollars. She’s a boss. Before she had to take that L, but when she was takin’ them dubs…That was Young Martha. This whole thing is going to be so dope.”

Quotable Lyrics

I bought a rollie but I coulda bought a viper
Everybody got tigers so I want go get a liger
I’m so different from these n*ggas, I won’t be like ’em
I bought a Bentley then I went and chopped the top off
I got a bad bitch inside and I’ll get topped off
I got a foreign Rari, then I cut the top off

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Download Young Thug & DJ Carnage – Liger MP3

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