YG & Nipsey Hussle – FDT

YG & Nipsey Hussle – FDT

Nipsey Hussle and YG link up for a track that everyone should be able to vibe to.

YG & Nipsey Hussle – FDT

This one is gonna be an anthem heading into election season. YG and Nipsey Hussle were recently in the studio together, and it’s very possible they put this track together during those sessions. “FDT” stands for “Fuck Donald Trump,” and the song doesn’t stray far from that theme.

Over a funky west coast throwback-style beat produced by DJ Swish, the two rappers air their grievances about the lighting rod of a Republican presidential candidate. The song uses a few audio clips to set the stage for the song. It’s amazing what a shitty dude can do, as YG and Nipsey Hussle call out that their hate for Donald Trump brought a Blood and a Crip together on track.

Quotable Lyrics

Nigga am I trippin’? Let me know
I thought all that Donald Trump bullshit was a joke
know what they say, when rich niggas go broke?
Reagan sold coke, Obama sold hope
Donald Trump spent his trust fund money on the vote

– Nipsey Hussle

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