Wale Responds To DJ Akademiks Calling Him Corny; Talks ‘Shine’s’ Low Sales Numbers

Wale Responds To DJ Akademiks Calling Him Corny; Talks ‘Shine’s’ Low Sales Numbers


Last month, DJ Akademiks said a lot of people think Wale is corny.

The rapper responded during the latest episode of Akademiks and Joe Budden’s show Everyday Struggle. Which is filmed at Complex, the media company Wale famously (and perhaps cornily) attacked for leaving him off of their best albums of 2013 list.

“Who are these people?” Wale asked. “Somebody on the Internet? You see people who think Donald Trump is doing a good job on Twitter too … I just don’t understand where you’re looking. If you looking for something bad you gon’ find it … If you looking for hate on Wale you gon’ find it. If you looking for hate on Kendrick you gon’ find it.”

Later, the MMG rapper said it’s Akademiks job to be negative and controversial.

“You a satire, nigga,” he said. “That’s what you do … You’re very sarcastic.”

Wale also addressed the disappointing sales numbers of his Shine album, which sold about 25,000 units in its first week.

“My thing is, I’m not trying to point fingers,” he said. “You talking about it’s a flop. I always wondered what would happen if I had a bad first week since the beginning of my career and I finally did and I’m like ‘You know what? I’m invincible now’ … My L.A. show sold out in six hours, so I know I’m doing something right.”

Why do you think folks haven’t embraced Wale’s new album so far? You can see his full discussion below

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