Wale & Azealia Banks Beef On Twitter

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Wale & Azealia Banks Beef

Wale & Azealia Banks Beef

It almost seems overdue that two of the most outspoken artists on Twitter hadn’t yet come into an all-out face-off, but today, Wale and Azealia Banks made eye contact on the platform, and it wasn’t pretty.It all started with a tweet Azealia sent out suggesting that she doesn’t feel protected by the black men and black media around her, at which point Wale decided to weigh in, saying “we are all terrified of you . Public embarrassment is a real fear . U prolly have thousands of ppl scared to say anything 2u”

From there, things progressed into an argument around black men and women, which found Azealia calling for Wale to be put in jail. Azealia has since deleted most of her tweets, but a couple of screencaps can be found in the gallery above. Wale’s tweets are embedded below.


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