Video: I Could Probably Write 10 Songs In An Hour – Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap discusses work ethic, Gucci Mane influence, and Young Thug studio chemistry with Clique TV.

Clique x Fetty Wap by cliquetv
Currently on the road for the “Welcome to the Zoo” tour, Fetty Wap took some time to sit down backstage with French-based media outfit Clique TV for an extended interview.

Topics discussed include: Fetty’s 17 cars, his upbringing in Jersey and listening to Gucci Mane and other southern artists, and his remarkable work ethic and economy, “I could probably write 10 songs in an hour,” he estimated.

Fetty and Young Thug have previously teased a joint mixtape called ThuggaWapp, and while the status of that project is unclear, Fetty believes he and Thugger have the combined work ethic to knock out an entire album in one night. “Whenever I be in Atlanta, I always be with Thug, I’m always in the studio with him and we just be cool,” Fetty said.

ICYMI: Thug’s interview with Clique TV is a classic.

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