Vic Mensa Talks Raps Beef

Vic Mensa Talks Raps Beef

A curious Photoshop decision had everyone thinking Vic Mensa had issues with fellow young Chicago spitter Chance the Rapper.

While Mensa still hasn’t explained his choice to conspicuously remove Chance from a group photo with Jay Z and Beyonce, it’s not because they have any “beef.”

That’s became Mensa doesn’t do rap beef.

“I don’t do my people dirty,” he says to Real 92.3. “I just don’t do it. So if somebody was wanting to beef with me, they wouldn’t really have all that much ammo. They would have to start digging and making things up ’cause I just keep it really really really real with my guys and people that I move with, that I do business with. They’ll testify I’m a hunnid.”

But just because he stays away from beef, it doesn’t mean he lacks self-confidence.

“I’m not worried about nobody at all,” Mensa said. “Niggas don’t want that type of problem with me.”

“Do I think that I’m better than everybody rapping? Yes,” he continues. “And not just on some every rapper gotta think they’re the best. I really just don’t think a lot of these rappers are very good. A vast majority of them are not very good. You got a small handful of people that are good and I know most of ’em and respect all of ’em, but like I said, that’s a handful. Do I plan on coming at all of ’em? Not just I’ma diss niggas, but yeah. I’m coming for that spot for sure.”

What whack emcees do you think Mensa is speaking about?

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