Tyga Says 4-Year-Old King Cairo Enjoys "Cars , Women & Jewelry"

Tyga Says 4-Year-Old King Cairo Enjoys “Cars , Women & Jewelry”

Tyga says he and his 4-year-old son share similar interests.

Tyga listeners will know that he’s all about the finer things in life. And it turns out that his son, 4-year-old King Cairo, is shaping up to be just like his daddy. “He likes everything I like: cars, women, jewelry,” Tyga recently told E! News. 

The GOOD Music rapper admitted that his son, who is mothered by Blac Chyna, has already gotten used to living the high life. “I’m trying to cut back on him with the gifts because he gets very, very spoiled. He is very spoiled,” said Tyga. “He thinks he is supposed to have all of that, so I have to kind of teach him that I work for everything.” 

“You’ve just got to be an active parent, man,” explained the 27-year-old emcee. “Just teach them lessons to make them feel what you felt, and they’ve got to understand that, you know? It can be taken at any moment, so you’ve got to work hard for it.” 

He also revealed that, at this point, King Cairo wants to grow up to build Ferraris. Below are some pics of Tyga and King Cairo wearing matching Gucci getups on a putt-putt outing.

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