Tyga – Dip

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Tyga - Dip

Tyga has reached the holy status of “Arsedeacon.”

If Tyga were running an online dating profile, his “interests” section would likely mirror the hook of Iggy Azalea collaboration “Kream”: cash, and ass. Anybody who follows the West Coast rapper on IG can attest for his near-obsession with the derriere, which has managed to inform the majority of his recent singles. Clearly, Tyga has found a formula for success, which arrives with the added benefit of DM’d twerk videos ad infinitum. In any case, his affinity for sheer hedonism has led to a variety of bangers, and once again, Tyga has delivered with “Dip.”

The instrumental is a study in juxtaposition, pairing a classical string progression with minimalist, filthy 808s. Tyga takes to the beat with a player’s confidence, watching all twerking candidates with notebook firmly in hand. Only like a twisted variant of Jonah Hill’s Superbad character, Tyga’s is notebook is filled with ass-drawings. Peep “Dip” now, and bask in Tyga’s comeback with yet another new single “Swap Meet.”
Quotable Lyrics
Sip got me buzzin, I am not a husband
I can be a daddy cause I am a motherfucka
Fuck n***as muggin, these n****as sweet muffin
Put my seed on her face, she get smashed like a pumpkinStream Tyga – Dip Below!!

Tyga – Dip

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