Tyga Being Evicted By Another Landlord In L.A

According to reports, Tyga may be evicted from another house in L.A.

It looks like Tyga isn’t a big fan of paying for a roof over his head. Last year, it was reported that the former YMCMB rapper was kicked out of his Calabasas home for unpaid rent, which he says is completely false, but now more reports are saying the same thing about his other home in the Hollywood Hills.


According to documents obtained by Page Six, Tyga’s current landlord has filed papers listing Michael Ray Stevenson, Tyga’s government name, as the defendant who he’s trying to evict. Apparently Tyga hasn’t paid rent for the three months while living at the $4.8 million Hollywood Hills home, which is $17,000 per month equaling a grand total of $51,000 he owes his landlord.

Tyga has yet to make any sort of comment about this latest eviction story, but we can bet it’s coming.

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