TMZ Getting Sued For Claiming Wrong Rapper Cut Off His Own Penis

roxEverybody knows the tragic tale of Wu-Tang affiliate Andre “Christ Bearer” Johnson who chopped off his own penis and jumped out of a second story window while on a cocktail of PCP, meth, molly, booze and lack of sleep.

But did you know TMZ, who broke the story, originally identified the self-mutilator as Marques “Andre Roxx” Johnson, another Wu-Tang affiliate? (Roxx was in the Rza produced Killa Beez, whereas Christ Bearer was in North Star.)

Roxx was actually in prison when the story broke, and he claims because of the initial mis-identification he was “forced to go into protective custody because other inmates began harassing him.”

So now he’s suing TMZ for (briefly) defaming his character and his manhood.

The gossip site has yet to comment on the suit.

As for the guy who actually cut off his penis … it was reattached and Christ Bearer claims that it is still fully functional.

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