Titus Andronicus – An Obelisk Album (Zip Download)

Titus Andronicus – An Obelisk Album (Zip Download)

Titus Andronicus An Obelisk

The album divides evenly, back and forth, until the two start to mingle as the narrator reaches some better understanding of himself and his place within the world. The closing track, “Tumult Around The World,” is intended as a monologue that is more “sympathetic” — no longer lashing out at his surroundings in blame, but locating some small resolution about how we can lead better lives. “The conclusion is the narrator says, ‘I’m going to try and be a kinder person,’” Stickles says.

With the backstory of An Obelisk and titles like “Tumult Around The World” or songs like “On The Street” (in which Stickles conjures a classic, old-school punk chorus about there being “too many police on the street”), it’d be easy to see the album as being influenced by the current political and social climate in America. But Stickles is quick to point out that many of these circumstances have existed for a while, and he doesn’t have much optimism that we’ll fix everything even with the rise of progressivism in mainstream America. Instead, there’s a personal decision that might offer the smallest piece of hope in a definitively broken situation: “The world would be nicer if we could treat each other a little more decently as we fucking cook to death on our ruined planet.”


1. Titus Andronicus – Just Like Ringing a Bell
2. Titus Andronicus – Troubleman Unlimited
3. Titus Andronicus – (I Blame) Society
4. Titus Andronicus – My Body and Me
5. Titus Andronicus – Hey Ma
6. Titus Andronicus – Beneath the Boot
7. Titus Andronicus – On the Street
8. Titus Andronicus – Within the Gravitron
9. Titus Andronicus – The Lion Inside
10. Titus Andronicus – Tumult Around the World

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