The Game & 50 Cent May Be Getting Back Together

50 Cent The Game Vodka

It wasn’t so long ago that The Game called 50 Cent his “sworn enemy” and declared they would never reunite.

However, recently Game seems to be taking steps towards reconciling with his former friend.

In February he posed for a photo with G-Unit soldier Lloyd Banks in Dubai. Then, earlier this week, he went on a drunken IG rant in which he praised Fif’s Effen’s vodka.

Last night, Game showed up at the Playhouse nightclub in LA where Fif was booked for a show. Game had called the promoter and explained that he wanted to come after learning 50 would be there, and that it was all love.

While there was some confusion at the door, eventually Game got in and there were no problems. 50 seemed to acknowledge Game from the stage.

“Motherfuckers got cameras and shit. Now they know everybody who was here tonight cause everybody taping the shit. Just chill out. We’re going to enjoy ourselves,” 50 said.

There is no evidence they actually spoke, but here’s some video of Game enjoying the 50 show.

I was all excited lol #hateitorloveit #50cent #thegame #EFFENVODKA


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Afterward, Game bragged about how much he spent.

We come. We fuck shit up & we leave. #Slightwork #Playhouse

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We wonder how much of that was on Effen.

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