T.I. Owes The Taxman Big Time

T.I.’s tax problems are just getting bigger.


For the third in sixth months, the IRS has hit Tip and his wife Tiny with a million plus tax lien.

The latest bill is $1,640,664.90 for 2014. He already owes $1,397,283.47 for 2012 and $3,173,476.39 for 2013.


That’s a grand total of $6,211,424.76. If the 35-year old doesn’t pay up, Uncle Sam could start seizing his assets, including his Atlanta area mansion.

T.I.’s net worth has been estimated as high as $215 million, and he took in an estimated $6 million in income last year.

This suggests he should be able to pay his tax bill. So the question becomes why hasn’t he.

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