Spider Loc & 50 Cent -“California”

Spider Loc & 50 Cent -“California”

Spider Loc & 50 Cent -"California"

Spider Loc & 50 Cent -“California”

Spider Loc and 50 Cent team up for a West Coast blast from the past.
Last night, former G-Unit artist Spider Loc surprised fans by dropping The Lost Tapes, a collection of songs he recorded during his stint with 50 Cent’s record label. In case you don’t remember, Loc was originally associated with Death Row Records, until Young Buck came through and made the proper introductions. While Spider Loc’s debut album never quite made it through for an Interscope release, the former G-Unit rapper has made things right with his fans; The Lost Tapes features some 50 Cent collaborations that clearly stemmed from a few years back, when he was pretty much the equivalent to a hook God.While there are plenty of standouts to be found throughout Loc’s Lost Tapes, the album closer is on another level. Maybe I’m just a fan of that throwback West Coast sound, but there’s something about up-tempo, G-Funk bass-lines that never gets old. “A little bit of Hennessy, Swisha sweets and a sack of that dro,” croons 50, harkening back to the days of collaborating with The Game. Don’t sleep on this one.Quotable LyricsI wear khakis cause that’s what I fit fo’
But I’m rich bitch, and I’ma get ho
I could tell that you’re broke from the get go
I drink XO, you sip Cisco

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