Sounwave Says Kendrick Lamar Has More ‘TPAB’ Leftovers


On Friday, Kendrick Lamar dropped Untitled Unmastered, a collection of eight songs that didn’t make it onto To Pimp A Butterfly. In an interview with Complex, Kendrick’s producer Sounwave explained that we could be getting more from K.Dot

Should we expect more surprise performances from Kendrick? 
We have a lot of records, especially from this album. There are still records people haven’t heard, mainly because we can’t get sample clearances. Those songs were ones that we really loved and were hurt that we couldn’t put them on the album. They also have important messages in them, so Kendrick wanted to share those messages with the world. Why not share these records?

You know that song in the beginning of the ‘Alright’ video? An actual full version exists, but it didn’t end up making Untitled Unmastered. Sounwave teases that it could make his upcoming album.

“I’m thinking about if I should let this one go. I’ve been getting a lot of questions referring to the beginning of the “Alright” video. And it is tucked and possibly going to come out. I’m working on my project, so hey, you never know. You might see it, you might not. I’m working on the blueprint now.”

It definitely sounds like we haven’t heard the last of Kendrick this year.

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