Shocking: This UK woman did a surgery just to get dimples

  • Getting dimples is not impossible after all.
She had none, so she got herself dimples

A 44-year-old UK woman, AJ Weir has undergone a dimpleplasty procedure which she’d been obsessed with for years.

Ignoring the advise of friends and family, including her husband, the beauty blogger went under the knife so she could get a smile that looks just like her son’s, who she’s always been a little jealous of.

Post surgery
Post surgery

The woman, who her husband has described as ‘bonkers’, says her friends and family who had dimples got away with anything because of their endearing smiles and that she’s always wished she could be like them.

‘If somebody has dimples, I will try to stick my finger in their face. It’s really weird, but I just love them. I see them as a sign of being cute,’ the dimple-obsessed woman who’d also undergone a breast enlargement surgery said.

After the surgery
After the surgery

Before her surgery, the mother of one had spent over a decade looking into ways to achieve the dimpled look before she finally learnt of the procedure.

Aj before the surgery
Aj before the surgery

Although she knew there were risks involved in the procedure, she was willing to go ahead and pay a whooping £1,300 to get her dream smile.

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