Rihanna – Fenty Fantasia Angel Album (Zip Download)

Rihanna – Fenty Fantasia Angel Album (Zip Download)

Rihanna – Fenty Fantasia Angel Album (Zip Download)

“Angel” by Fenty Fantasia has been pulled from streaming services.

Over the weekend, a secret Rihanna album surfaced online under a new alias. Angel by Fenty Fantasia included 12 previously songs — some that have surfaced in the past, others that were previously unheard. Angel reportedly debuted at #67 on the Worldwide iTunes Album chart.The project was indeed fake. The singer reacted to the leak after a fan reached out to her via DMs.The project has been removed from iTunes but remains on YouTube, for the time being. A few fans pointed out that some of the songs on Angel have been floating around online for a few years.

In December, Rihanna confirmed that her new project would be released in 2019. The-Dream, who worked closely with Rihanna on the project, confirmed that the follow-up to 2016’s Anti was almost done. A few days later, reports surfaced stating that her project was complete.


  1. Rihanna – Answer // Mp3 Download
  2. Rihanna – Sexuality // Mp3 Download
  3. Rihanna – Bitch I’m Special // Mp3 Download
  4. Rihanna – My Name Is Fantasia // Mp3 Download
  5. Rihanna – Counterfeit // Mp3 Download
  6. Rihanna – Winning Women // Mp3 Download
  7. Rihanna – Just Be Happy // Mp3 Download
  8. Rihanna – Don’t Even Try // Mp3 Download
  9. Rihanna – Here We Go // Mp3 Download
  10. Rihanna – Goodbye // Mp3 Download
  11. Rihanna – Whipping My Hair // Mp3 Download
  12. Rihanna – Hating On the Club // Mp3 Download

Rihanna – Fenty Fantasia Angel Album (Zip Download)

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