R Kelly – She Deserve

R. Kelly shares a surprise new love song: “She Deserve.”

R Kelly - She Deserve

It’s been a fairly strange time for R. Kelly since his December album The Buffet. Soon after its release, hewalked out of a painfully awkward interview when he was asked about past allegations of statutory rape, and last month, he made a number of strange revelations in an interview with GQ, including that he’s never heard of famous comedian (and creator of “Piss on You”) Dave Chappelle. He’s now back to the music, and on his new track, “She Deserve” R Kelly sings on behalf of all men in an attempt to give thanks to all of womankind.Arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day, Kelly pleads with his fellow man to reward his better half with a well-deserved “vacation for two.” “Who else is gonna put up with all your shit?” he demands. Preach, Robert.

It’s unclear as to what project “She Deserve It” is geared for, though The Buffet is still hot. Stream ithere.

Quotable Lyrics

She deserve to be pampered
Manicure, pedicure, shopping spree
Yeah that’s the answer

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