R. City ft Rihanna & Drake – Work (Remix)

R. City decide to hop on Rihanna & Drake’s latest smash “Work.”

R. City ft Rihanna & Drake – Work (Remix)

It’s been a couple months since R City last hit us with a new remix, but thankfully that all changes here today. Following up their “340 Come Up” release, the two brothers from St. Thomas decide to come through today and take on Rihanna & Drake’s monster smash hit “Work.”Leaving the infectious production & verses intact, the “Locked Away” duo sings about doing the “dirt, dirt, dirt” in a relationship and willing to “work, work, work” their way through it all. No word yet as for where this will end up, but who cares, hopefully they just keep them coming.


Take a listen and let us know what you think. (Available for free download)

Quotable Lyrics:

Heard you been talking bout me behind my back as if its ok
But when I ask you how we doing you say ok
Well if you’re planning to leave that’s fine
But if you stayin’ let me remind
Remind you of that car you drive and that I payed for
And even that house that you didn’t have to save for
Tell me whats wrong, what’s going on
Told you that I’ve changed but you still going through my phone

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