Pusha T Jumps On Steve Angello’s “Freedom”

Pusha T Jumps On Steve Angello's "Freedom"

 Pusha T Jumps On Steve Angello’s “Freedom”
Greek-Swedish DJ, Steve Angello, makes an intense beat for Pusha T to easily hop on, delivering a politically-infused verse.Visuals for the song, directed by Swedish based creative director Alexander Wessely, come in black and white where we see a man running away from something that can’t be identified, dodging through stairwells, the forest and different venues. Pusha or Steve do not show face in the video, but it seems to make Pusha’s verses on striving for change in the politics seem more clear.The GOOD Music president is holding us over for his anticipated album release of King Push that should be available soon. Pusha recently admitted that Kanye West produced the project from “top to bottom.””I’m gonna go ahead and let y’all know,” he said while performing at Philly’s Made In America Festival. “I’ve done this album like three times, right. [Kanye] come in, he pick all the beats and shit. Then he hears the beats and he scraps them and says ‘I can do better.’ He’s done that shit like three times.”

As for the lyrical content of his upcoming music, we wonder what approach Pusha will bring on his new project. Not too long ago he said lyricism in hip-hop “isn’t as important” to him, adding that he’s learned to appreciate other kinds of hip-hop acts, more specifically “younger forms of hip-hop.”

“It’s the flows, the melodies. It’s the actual song structure,” he explained. “[Younger acts in hip-hop] make songs that I can’t make, literally. I wouldn’t make those songs, but I know how to enjoy their music fully… They make records that work on the radio. A lot of times records that work on the radio have a level of corniness to me. I don’t feel like their records are corny.”

Listen to the beat and tell us what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Money is power
Look at the people in power
Funeral flowers
Freedom devour
This is not choice, this is ours


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