Nicki Minaj’s Los Angeles Mansion Burglarized And Torn Apart

Nicki Minaj’s Los Angeles Mansion Burglarized

Nicki Minaj’s Los Angeles Mansion Burglarized

It looks like someone had a score to settle with Nicki Minaj, because her mansion in Los Angeles was burglarized and torn apart.

According to TMZ, there were visible signs of forced entry, and everything inside was trashed.


Someone close to the investigation said the break in looks personal due to all of the damage Even the items that weren’t taken — like perfume bottles, picture frames and furniture — were vandalized. Someone even took the time to cut up Minaj’s clothes.

She was out of town when all of this happened.  Right now police are looking at surveillance cameras to see if they can determine anything.

Will Meek Mill somehow be blamed for this, based on Nicki posting that photo with Drake? For now, there’s nothing that links the burglary to the Philly rapper, but the Internet has come up with crazier theories in the past.

Nicki has yet to speak out out any of this.



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