MUSIC: Young M.A. –”Wahlinn” (Feat. KorLeone)

MUSIC: Young M.A. –”Wahlinn” (Feat. KorLeone)

MUSIC: Young M.A. –"Wahlinn" (Feat. KorLeone)

MUSIC: Young M.A. –”Wahlinn” (Feat. KorLeone)


While Young M.A. has been known to lyrically obliterate instrumentals with a laid back, devil-may-care swagger, “Wahlinn” finds her opting for a more melodic approach. The blueprint for previous bangers like “Walk” and “Ouuuu” have been gently placed aside, as M.A. explores a different path altogether. Though “Wahlinn” doesn’t live up to the heights of the aforementioned two singles, it’s still cool to see M.A. evolving as an artist, rounding out her toolkit in new and exciting ways.Admittedly, lyrics about one’s collection of lavish fashion apparel can get old fast, though it’s hard to blame a young artist for boasting. With a smooth instrumental from NY Bangers, “Wahliin” remains enjoyable, if a little wandering in the greater context of her discography. Still, the song bangs, and both M.A and KorLeone adapt to the atmospheric beat with a respectable joie de vivre. Peep the single now, and sound off below. Ya’ll feeling this?

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