Meek Mill Warns DJ Whoo Kid After He Posts Drake WWE 2K16 Videos

Meek Mill - Whoo KidThere’s been some videos going around that feature Meek Mill and Drake as WWE 2K16 characters. Of course Drake is giving Meek the business.

DJ Whoo Kid posted a few of the clips on his Instagram page. Meek didn’t much appreciate this, and had a message for the G-Unit affiliate.

“U ate dinner with that man [Drake] one time now you going crazy,” Mill wrote in the comments of one of the videos. “Y’all niggas like bitches. Take you out to eat, now u sucking his d.ick! Stop playing wit me DJ Whoo Kid. My last time saying something.”

#Post&Delete Looks like #MeekMill wasn't feeling #DjWhoKidd's jokes today 😩😩

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Now Meek quickly deleted his DJ Whoo comments. It doesn’t behoove him to be beefing on the Internet because that could ultimately influence the judge’s decision on when his house arrest (which starts on March 1) ends.

What do you think about third parties using Drake to came at Meek?

Update: Whoo Kid’s boy Waka Flocka has also jumped in:

Looks like #MeekMill going have to go through #WakaFlocka before he can touch #DjWhooKid (View Previous Posts To Catch Up)


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Pt1. Welp straight from #WakaFlocka (View Previous Post)

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#Pt2 #WakaFlocka #MeekMill #DjWhooKid (View Previous Posts Today To Catch Up)

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