Maverick Sabre – When I Wake Up Album (Zip Download)

Maverick Sabre – When I Wake Up Album (Zip Download)

Maverick Sabre - When I Wake Up Album (Zip Download)

Maverick Sabre has confirmed plans to release new album ‘When I Wake Up’ on March 22nd.

The Irish artist has been teasing his return for weeks now, sharing his powerful single ‘Drifting’ a few weeks ago.

New album ‘When I Wake Up’ will be released in Spring, and it’s billed as a deeply honest, creative return from the songwriter.

New single ‘Her Grace’ is online now, and the visuals tackle the stark reality of domestic abuse. The director explains:

“I wanted to explore the day to day emotional and physical endurance needed to cope with domestic abuse and also the deeper, continuing cycles of conflict that affect both the abused and the abusers. My personal experience led me to believe that perpetrators are often insecure and manipulative but can also be very charismatic people.”

“I made the choice to cast my baby as I knew how to get the reactions I needed from her comfortably. What I didn’t account for was how heartbreaking it would be seeing her in this environment. Given the circumstances it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that the baby in the film could in turn become part of the vicious cycle of abuse, and grow to be like either mum or dad; angry, conflicted and ultimately vulnerable…”

Tune in now.


01 Preach // Download
02 Drifting // Download
03 Into Nirvana // Download
04 Guns in the Distance // Download
05 Don’t Talk About It // Download
06 Slow Down // Download
07 Her Grace // Download
08 Weakness // Download
09 A Mile Away // Download
10 Big Smoke // Download
11 Into Hope // Download
12 War // Download
13 Glory // Download

Maverick Sabre – When I Wake Up Album (Zip Download)

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