Marina – LOVE + FEAR Album (Zip Download)

Marina – LOVE + FEAR Album (Zip Download)

Marina Diamantis repeats self-help mantras in this anxiety-filled album

We – collectively, as a planet – don’t deserve Marina. Or if we do, we certainly do not appreciate her enough. Three albums of interesting, personality-focused pop music that always had Big Ideas behind them should, in any right-thinking universe, have made her a household name. While she’s hardly a shrinking flower in the ‘profile’ stakes, it’s still far from enough.

But not this time. This time, she means business. Shedding her ‘and the Diamonds’ postfix, Marina is blossoming into the perfect present-day pop icon. Personas and protective shields cast aside, ‘Love + Fear’ is one of the best in the game at her most open and honest.


1. MARINA – Handmade Heaven
2. MARINA – Superstar
3. MARINA – Orange Trees
4. Clean Bandit – Baby (feat. MARINA & Luis Fonsi)
5. MARINA – Enjoy Your Life
6. MARINA – True
7. MARINA – To Be Human
8. MARINA – End Of The Earth
1. MARINA – Believe In Love
2. MARINA – Life Is Strange
3. MARINA – You
4. MARINA – Karma
5. MARINA – Emotional Machine
6. MARINA – Too Afraid
7. MARINA – No More Suckers
8. MARINA – Soft To Be Strong

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