Logic – Keanu Reeves

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Logic - Keanu Reeves

Logic reps the one and only Keanu Reeves.

There are many stages of Keanu Reeves. A fan favorite, to be sure, known for his endearing personality, incredibly badass dedication to doing his own stuntwork, and occasionally mystifying acting decisions. Few can deny the allure surrounding the Canadian legend, who has won hearts for his turns as Neo and John Wick, among other oft-referenced heroic-types. Now, Logic has used the opportunity to pay homage to the legendary Reeves, with his new single appearing in select international markets (dropping in the US/Canada at midnight).

Like Keanu switching from Dracula’s more trepidatious Jonathan Harker to the quintessential cinematic savage John Wick, Logic is packing many tools in his arsenal. This time around, he’s on his “smoke weed and sell movies” tip, riding the high brought upon by his growing media empire. Taking to a shiny-trap banger courtesy of 6ix, Logic makes it clear that the only game he intends on playing is “Fortnite,” which rappers seem to have adopted as an obsession of sorts. He also embraces his status as a “soccer mom” favorite, alluding that the benefits of being the “1-800 guy” extend beyond moral gratification.

Check out Keanu Reeves now, and look for 2019 to bring a wealth of new Bobby Tarantino.

Quotable Lyrics

When them soccer moms pull up in they van while I ride
Like, “Oh my God, children, it’s the 1-800 guy”
But my door’s suicide, yeah, I’m too alive
Bitch, I have arrived, everybody know I’m one hell of a guy
I ain’t tryna fuck your girl, I’m tryna fuck your mama
Fuck the drama, bank account got an extra comma
Yeah, they sweat me like the sauna
Red carpet in my own merch, like that shit is designer
Did you know I’m mixed like Obama?
It ain’t a project if Logic ain’t talkin’ ’bout being biracial

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