Lil Bibby Takes No Snitching To The Extreme

Lil Bibby Takes No Snitching To The Extreme

Bibb Vlad

The no-snitching ethos is alive and well in Chicago rapper Lil Bibby.

In an interview with Vlad TV, the 21-year old explained the lengths to which he would go not to involve the police.

Anything you do with the police is snitching, man,” he said. “You don’t talk to the police. You don’t cooperate with them. I don’t care if somebody shot your mama, I ain’t calling no police. I’m not talking with them. I don’t know nothing. I don’t care if I seen the dude dead in the face, I know his full name, I’m not telling the police nothing.”

He then explained he wouldn’t talk to the cops even if he knew his neighbor was killing or molesting little kids.

But finally Vlad found a situation in which Bibby would contact the police.

He admitted he make the call if his house was robbed, because that’s the only way he could collect his insurance.

What do you think about Bibby’s attitude toward the police and snitching?

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