LeBron James Is Trying To Steal Beyonce From Jay Z

Lebron Beyonce


We have no idea what Jeff Adrien had to drink last night.

But it was probably something strong, because the ex-NBA player spent the wee hours of the morning threatening LeBron James and alleging that the superstar has been plotting to steal Beyonce from Jay Z.

Jeff Adrien

Jeff Adrien 1

Jeff Adrien 2

Adrien played on the Minnesota Timberwolves last year, but didn’t make his way onto a NBA roster this season. We don’t now much about his relationship with James, other than that they never played on the same team.

Adrien has been behaving erratically lately. He was arrested in December for stealing a Mercedes from a valet and then taking it on a Ferris Bueller-like joyride.  Last month, he was brought in for trying to kick cops during a traffic stop.

So take his allegations about James and Beyonce — which he kept going with when he woke up today — with that grain of salt.

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