Kodak Black – Roll N Peace 2

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Kodak Black – Roll N Peace 2

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Say what you want about the guy, but Kodak Black work ethic cannot be denied. Saturday evening, the South Florida-reared rapper decided to drop off four new tracks just because he felt like it. All uploaded to Youtube, the first cut came in the form of “Roll N Peace 2,” a sentimental follow-up to “Roll In Peace,”the XXXTENTACION collaboration originally found on Project Baby 2.

This time around, we catch Kodak going solo. Taking to the backdrop of Lil Jon’s “Lovers and Friends” track from 2004, Kodak takes a much more transparent look at analyzing his personal life on “roll N Peace 2.”“You ain’t the one for me / You ain’t got shit I need,” he begins on the track with the same opening we found on the first iteration. “You want me to take my time with ya, maybe I’m not ya speed / Maybe I’m out ya league / You ain’t even got no cheese / Maybe I’m just to G for ya, maybe I’m just too street.”Despite a trail of legal woes and headline-attracting comments, it’s great to see Kodak pushing forward and focusing on the music. So much so that’s he’s generous enough to gift the fans with a few loosies.As for XXXTENTACION, the artist recently took to social media to denounce his deal with Capitol Records, declaring that he was terminating his deal with the label. While a rep of his came forward to deny that this was false, and that his deal with Capitol was still very much in play, X didn’t hesitate to go on to announce his plans to quit music entirely.

“Sad to announce I will not be making or releasing any music,” he wrote out. “I am tired of being mentally abused for trying to help people, I’m tired of the hate, I’m done.”

Quotable Lyrics:

Aye, I’ma just switch my flow up
Baby I’m sick, no throw up
Baby I’m sick, no checkup
Nigga you need to run you a check up
I’m eatin’ on you niggas, no ketchup
I’m eatin’ on you niggas, can’t catch up

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Kodak Black – Roll N Peace 2

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