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Kevin Hart’s Car Accident Was Devastating: See Aftermath Photos

Kevin Hart’s Car Accident Was Devastating: See Aftermath Photos

Kevin Hart's Car Accident Was Devastating: See Aftermath Photos

The life-threatening crash left behind a lot of damage.

Thankfully, Kevin Hart is resting up after having successful back surgery to repair damages that occurred during a severe car accident over the weekend. The comedian was not driving at the time of the crash but he was in the vehicle. He and a number of passengers required medical attention after their car swerved off the road, crashed through a barricade and veered off into a ditch. If you’ve been curious to see just how bad the accident was, new photos of the crash aftermath have been posted online, showing just how lucky Hart and his friends are to be alive.

The first daytime photos of the crash site have appeared online, courtesy of The Blast. In the images, you can see a fence has been completely destroyed by the car after the impact. Pieces of the fences are laying on the street and tire tracks give you an idea of just how fast the vehicle was moving at the time.

As previously reported, a call was received at approximately 1 in the morning on Sunday about the accident. Hart was reportedly stuck inside the vehicle with one other passenger, who was airlifted to a nearby hospital. We continue to pray for Kevin Hart and the other passengers that were involved in the crash.

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