Kendrick Lamar Gets Drunk And Begs Lil Wayne Not To Retire

Kendrick Lamar Gets Drunk And Begs Lil Wayne Not To Retire


Lil Wayne’s threats to quit the game have certainly caught the attention of the artists he’s influenced.

We’ve heard from the likes of Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan.

Now we have Kendrick Lamar urging Wayne to stick with it:

“Public service announcement, nigga. We in the motherfucking studio. 5:32 to be exact,” K.Dot, who’s obviously been drinking, says. “Niggas talkin’ bout squad up, that’s cliche! We going all the way back, when he was motherfuckin’ 16, 15 years old on some Hot Boy shit. Day one… Nigga talking ’bout retiring and shit. Fuck that, nigga! Retire, quitting rap, whatever you wanna call it, nigga. Fuck that, nigga.

I’m in the motherfucking’ studio, nigga, doing motherfucking features, nigga. I seen you, 2007, 2008, I seen you knock out 10 motherfucking features in a row, back to back, nigga…Fuck you talking bout, boy? This motherfucker, man. No, nigga. No! No! No! No!”

Check the video of his plea below. It also includes Kendrick rapping over a bunch of Weezy’s song.

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