Jeezy & Diddy Link Up On “Bottles Up”

Jeezy & Diddy Link Up On "Bottles Up"

Jeezy & Diddy Link Up On “Bottles Up”

Jeezy’s been relatively quiet on a music front throughout 2017. Upsetting because Jeezy always has something to say and always delivers quality music. However, last night he teased a new single with Diddy without mentioning when the song would be released. Today, he surprisingly drops “Bottles Up” featuring the Ciroc King, Diddy or as he’s credited on the album art, Puff Daddy.Jeezy returns to the scene after a tame year with “Bottles Up.” It’s no surprise that both Jeezy and Diddy have some pretty big business portfolios that include partnerships with some pretty major liquor companies. Today, the two of them join forces to promote their respective liquor brands. Jeezy comes through with a braggadocious new single that parallels the street life he’s endured as well as his expanding business ventures. The track has a pretty low key vibe to it but it has a celebratory feel to it at the same time. The productions deep synth has a more calm vibe to it while the drums carry the energy on the track. Despite Diddy having credits on the track, he only pops up on adlibs throughout the song. Diddy’s adlibs definitely play a huge role in how big the track sounds despite Jeezy’s relatively calm tone.Along with this, Jeezy also delivered a new track with Tee Grizzley, “Cold Summer.” It looks like Jeezy’s about to come out of his cave and hopefully, by the grace of God, decides to drop off Snow Season. He’s been promoting the album for a while now and many expected it to be released this year. However, he hasn’t really given any updates on the project. For the time being, we’ll just enjoy the two new singles that he released and keep an eye out for any more updates he has on his upcoming project.Quotable Lyrics
Avion, no Cris’
North pole, Ice wristses
Iced out, strapped up
100 Karats, what the fuck 


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