Jas Prince Is Now Directly Suing Birdman Over Drake

Jas Prince Is Now Directly Suing Birdman Over Drake


The saga of Jas Prince, Birdman and Drake continues. Here’s what we wrote last summer, when it appeared Prince had reached a legal settlement for the Drake royalties he thought he was owed by Cash Money.

Jas Prince has spent the last year suing numerous parties in an attempt to recover the 22 percent of Drake’s royalties ($11 million total) he said he was promised when he delivered the Canadian to Cash Money Young Money in 2007.

From what we could gather from all the legal wrangling, it appears that Young Money and the Aspire Music Group technically owed Prince the royalty cash — but they couldn’t pay it because they needed to get it from Cash Money and Birdman first.

Earlier this week, Jas Prince reached a settlement with Lil Wayne, his manager Cortez Bryant and Young Money. The terms were not disclosed, so we don’t know to what extent Jas was able to do the impossible and make Baby pay somebody.

Guess what? Baby ain’t paying.

So now, according to TMZ, Jas is suing Birdman and his brother Slim directly.

Technically, Aspire is filing the suit. But Jas is the one calling the shots since he’s bought a large percentage of the music group. One of Aspire’s attorneys is Marc Kasowitz, who also reps the famously litigious President Trump. So you know they’re going hard at Baby’s pocketbook.

It’s probably no coincidence that last week Jas’s dad J. Prince announced he was coming for Birdman over both Drake’s money and Lil Wayne’s money.

The Rap-A-Lot boss claimed he was willing to go up into Baby’s ass to get the money.

We’re thinking Mr. Kasowitz has a different method of extraction in mind.


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