Young Thug Said He Wants Every Grammy

Young Thug isn’t sure why he wasn’t invited to the Grammys, but he already knows what he’ll be wearing to the next ones.

Last week, Kanye West raised some good questions about the Grammys on Twitter, most notably, asking why Future and Young Thug were not present at the awards. It’s been a hot topic all week, so when Young Thug made a surprise appearance during T.I.’s interview with DJ Drama this weekend, he was asked about his absence from the awards.”I don’t know why they didn’t invite me to the Grammys,” he told Tip. “Yeah, that is a crazy question.”

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T.I. reassured the rapper that he still had time to make it to the big event, but Thugger couldn’t help but feel like he was snubbed. “I don’t understand it though. Politics?,” he said, before laughing off the thought that he might not even want an award. “I want every Grammy! We gonna live through this. I’m telling you I want to go.”

Of course, Tip and Drama were interested to hear what the rapper might plan to wear to the ceremony, and after some careful thought, Thug came up quite an outfit. “I might be barefoot with $10,000 toe rings on with Fred Flinstone’s dress [that] cost $140,000,” he said with a grin.

Check out the interview below. Thug comes in around the 29 minute mark.


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