This grandma will buy you an iPhone 7 just for travelling with her

  • There are certain qualities she’s looking to see in the travel companion though.

Li Yanling is a 63-year-old Chinese woman who wants a female travel buddy that will take photos of her, chat with her and pretty much just keep her company.

And it gets better as she is willing to pay for all the companion’s expenses, plus give the person an iPhone 7 for coming.

Li Yanling
Li Yanling

Though she has children, she felt it would be a bother asking one of them to travel with her; one of them lives on the other side of the world in Canada.

Yanling says the person must be a young female who is a beautiful, outgoing woman between the ages of 18 and 25.

According to her, ‘I’d like to see the sea in Sanya this winter, but just fear the loneliness of traveling solo.’

So, who’s up for an all-expense-paid trip and an iPhone?

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