GLC Says Kanye West Thinks Success Means Impressing White People

GLC Says Kanye West Thinks Success Means Impressing White People

GLC, an artist who’s worked with Kanye West throughout the years, called him out in a recent radio interview.

According to GLC, Ye believes being successful is impressing white people. Plus, it also sounded like he warned the GOOD Music boss not to go back to the Kardashians after his breakdown.

“We tried to get him out like Get Out,” said GLC. “I tried to tell him like ‘Look G, don’t do it. Don’t go’ but he went … I can only hope and pray that he’ll be okay. For the homey, man, I hope it ain’t too late. Save Ye.”

Afterward, GL talked about Kanye’s eccentric fashion choices and dying his hair blond.

“I’m bewildered by it just due to the fact that he and I used to laugh profusely at like Sisqo’s hair, Dennis Rodman’s hair, Demolition man’s hair … That was a huge joke and now he got it, so all this time I feel betrayed.”

From there, GL compared Kanye to a sponge and said he absorbs whatever is around him, which is why he’s changed so much since his Chicago days.

“So if you’re around a certain group of people on a regular basis, you may begin to look like them, begin to act like them,” he said.

Do you agree with GLC’s statements? You can hear what else he had to say about Ye below.

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