This is what you get when the world’s richest man is your secret Santa

  • If Christmas could ever be better.


Every year, Reddit puts on a massive Secret Santa gift exchange, and since 2013, one lucky person gets Bill Gates as their Santa.

This year, Aerrix was the lucky person to get the world’s richest man worth over $75b as her secret Santa.

The Reddit user's gifts from her secret Santa, Bill Gates
The Reddit user’s gifts from her secret Santa, Bill Gates

And from the gifts given, it shows Gates did his homework well by scouring over her past Reddit posts to figure out what she was into and who her loved ones were.

Aerrix described herself as a woman who loves video games, including The Legend of Zelda, The Little Mermaid, Harry Potter, and Nintendo.

Gates took her picture and photoshopped himself into it. Nice touch

She received a photoshopped picture, Zelda mittens for her dog, a Legend of Zelda master sword (made with paper), Minecraft edition Xbox One, Harry Potter slippers, Cajun Cookbooks, and many more gifts.

Gates also made a donation in her name to, which helps students learn about Computer Science.

Aerrix Reddit
Gates attached a letter to the gifts too

He also penned her a letter and enclosed a picture of himself wearing a Santa hat with it.

The letter reads: ‘I can’t believe your Secret Santa left you hanging last year. To ensure you don’t lose faith in the Reddit Community I’ve enclosed several gifts that I hope you enjoy.

‘There are a few video games for you to play, some things to keep you warm, and three of my favorite movies to watch over the holidays.

NES Classic Edition
NES Classic Edition
Halo 5 Edition Xbox One
Halo 5 Edition Xbox One

‘I’ve also made a donation in your name to to help give more students the chance to learn computer science.

‘With Best Wishes from Seattle, Bill Gates.

‘P.S. I won’t be able to consult with the Sorting Hat but I can tell that you are quite clever — so I got a pair of Ravenclaw slippers from Hot Topic.’

Alicia-Reddit and her husband
The Reddit user, Alicia, and her husband

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