G Herbo – Shook

G Herbo – Shook MP3 Download

G Herbo - Shook

A track from what appears to be an upcoming deluxe edition of Herbo’s debut album “Humble Beast.”

G Herbo sets up “Shook,” his new track off the deluxe edition of Humble Beast with confidence. “I feel like Juelz mixed with Wayne mixed with ‘Kiss mixed with Styles mixed with motherfucking Cam and Puff. Puff cause imma talk that shit! Mixed with Pac and Biggie, Hov, Everybody,” he says. “Soon as the beat come on instant kill, body, homicide on the beat.” While he may not get the credit he deserves, Herbo proved with Humble Beast that he’s not only one of the most thrilling street rappers out, he’s also capable of making an album that’s built to stand the test of time. He has permission to be confident.

“Shook” was quietly released last week, and it sounds like a victory lap for Herb. It’s one long verse — the kind of shit-talking, skill-boasting rap that would work well as a radio freestyle. But of course, it also contains the personal reflections and anecdotes that make Herbo such a multi-dimensional rapper.It’s unclear if and when a deluxe edition of Humble Beast will be released. Either way, “Shook” makes it clear that Herbo won’t be phoning it in when it comes to bonus tracks.

G Herbo – Shook

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