Future – THE WIZRD Album (Zip Download)

Future – THE WIZRD Album (Zip Download)

Future - THE WIZRD Album (Zip Download)

Future’s next album will be released on January 18.

Future’s new album drops in mere weeks. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard an album from Future, but it would appear that the rapper is looking to start the year off right. Not long after dropping off his new single “Crushed Up,” Fewtch and his team have come through with an exciting announcement. A recent press release from his publicist indicates that his seventh studio album will be arriving on January 18th, 2019, marking the first major release of the New Year.

Yesterday, we were all surprised when Future uploaded a countdown onto his social media pages. The rapper had just wiped his page clean, which is usually a telltale sign to expect some new music soon. As expected, Fewtch delivered, dropping “Crushed Up” today. Later on in the day, he threw us in for another loop when, without any notice, it was announced that he would be following up the single with a Mass Appeal-produced documentary next week and an album the following week. Many have been trying to decode his content to see if a title becomes apparent and so far, nothing has come out as a frontrunner. Future seems to be set on a name for his next project but he’s not giving it away just yet.In his social announcement of the album, Pluto noted that the title will be announced soon. His release will be the first high-profile drop of the year in terms of the hip-hop calendar, granted somebody doesn’t beat him to the shot and drops a surprise project in the next few weeks.Future was present for much of 2018 but he didn’t make as big of an impact as in past years. Hopefully, his new project starts things off right so that he can enjoy a strong 2019. What are you expecting from the Atlanta artist?
TrackList:1. Never Stop
2. Jumpin on a jet
3. Rocket Ship
4. Temptation
5. Crushed Up
6. F&N
7. Call the coroner
8. Talk Shit Like A Preacher
9. Promise U That
10. Stick To The Models
11. Overdose
12. Krazy But Tru
13. Servin Killa Kam
14. Baptiize
15. Unicorn Purp Ft. Young Thug & Gunna
16. Going Dummi
17. First Off Ft. Travis Scott
18. Faceshot
19. Ain’t Coming Back
20. Tricks on Me

Future – THE WIZRD Album (Zip Download)

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