Future – Take You Back

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Future - Take You Back

Future goes into full bubblegum love song mode on “Take You Back.”

Future can be considered one of the greatest artists of the last decade, popularizing a sound and bringing Atlanta trap to the forefront of hip-hop. The man has helped mentor artists throughout his career and is now in the process of discovering how to spice up his sound. While many pray that he will make another DS2 in the near future, “Take You Back” is not necessarily welcoming us in that direction.The Freebandz General just dropped a new track on his YouTube page and this is unlike anything we’ve heard recently from Fewtch. The rapper is exploring a completely new route that some will love and others will not. Future isn’t exactly going into bubblegum pop territory with this one – he still has some of his signature vocal stylings – but he’s definitely embracing a more electronic vibe than usual. “Take You Back” is the most legitimate love song he’s dropped without saying, “I’ma put my thumb in her butt.” Perhaps he is trying to reach out to a new market and get onto mainstream radio but he is alienating a chunk of his usual crowd here.How do you guys feel about “Take You Back?” Is this a move that you think Future should continue in or should it be a one-and-done?

Quotable Lyrics:

Wasn’t tryna control you
I’m just trying to feel your loyalty
Never wanted to destroy you
I did everything because of you
You can love me, girl, it’s all you
You’ll still be the one to fall through

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Future – Take You Back

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