Future Files Counter-suit To Ciara’s Defamation Lawsuit

Future Ciara Ig

We thought the Future-Ciara feud had reached maximum pettiness when Ciara refused to say her ex’s name during the Billboard Award nomination show.

But we ain’t seen nothing yet.

In February, Ciara sued Future for $15 million for damaging her reputation by saying and writing that she was a bad mom to their child baby Future.

At the time Future said he was going to counter-sue. It looks like he has.

TMZ has seen the paperwork, and in it Future claims he couldn’t have possibly damaged Ciara’s rep because she no longer has one to damage.

Although he acknowledges her fan base is still “reasonable large,” he points out that her last album was a “flop” and that she hasn’t won many awards since 2013.

Future is asking the court that Ciara be forbidden from bad-mouthing him, and that she pay his legal fees relating to the dueling lawsuits.

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