Fetty Wap – For My Fans II Mixtape

Fetty Wap – For My Fans II Mixtape Download

Fetty Wap - For My Fans II Mixtape Download

Listen to a collection of new songs in advance of “King Zoo.”

Fetty Wap’s new mixtape For My Fans II is “just something for my fans to vibe [to] until the album,” according to his post on SoundCloud. A follow-up to his 2015 EP For My Fans, the project has been shared as one audio file on SoundCloud rather than separate songs. Unfortunately, Fetty has not included a tracklist for the project, but it features a full 12 songs in its 36-minute runtime. Like Lucky No. 7, the EP Fetty dropped in June, the audio quality is pretty war and low fidelity throughout but the hooks are very much present.Fetty’s sophomore album King Zoo is expected to be released in the near future. In May he released “Aye,” which was billed as the first single from the project. Last month, he released “High Thoughts,” one of a few loose tracks he’s shared this summer. Fetty appeared on DJ Envy’s “Text Ur Number” this August, collaboration with fellow New Jersey artist DJ SLiink.Fetty spoke of his prolific output in a conversation with Trevor Noah for Interview last year. “Honestly, I don’t spend that much time in the studio,” he said. When I first started doing music, I was in the studio every day just trying to build my portfolio. But now, even though I haven’t totally mastered my craft, I’m at a pretty high level. Can’t nobody do what Fetty Wap does. So when I go to the studio, it may be four to five hours max, probably three days out the week. I used to go to the studio for 10 to 15 hours, and I would do five to 10 songs. Now I go for four to five hours and I do, like, 15 to 20 songs. I’m an ad lib guy. Most people know me for my ad libs.”

Fetty Wap – For My Fans II Mixtape Download

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