Fetty Wap & Alexis Skyy S*x Tape Leak (Video)

Fetty Wap & Alexis Skyy S*x Tape Leak (Video)

Fetty Wap & Alexis Skyy Sex Tape Leak (Video)

There’s a sx tape of Fetty Wap and his ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy floating around, but the rapper’s legal team is already trying to shut it down.

TMZ reports that Fetty’s lawyers are sending cease and desist letters to any sites that are streaming the tape, although no one from the Zoo Gang leader’s camp admitted that it’s him in the footage.

Watch The Sx Tape Here


They also deny the rapper’s involvement in releasing the video, and even though the cease and desist doesn’t outright accuse Skyy of the leak, they said she and Fetty were the only ones who possessed the recording.

Alexis’ attorney Eric Croone admitted that the footage was leaked but said his client had nothing to do with it.

Neither Fetty or Skyy have commented personally.

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