Fast Rising Abuja based Dancer ‘E2oro’ Releases Visuals to his ‘Grand Pilferage’ (OFFICIAL MOVIE)

‘E2oro’ Releases Visuals to his ‘Grand Pilferage’ (OFFICIAL MOVIE)

 'E2oro' Releases Visuals to his 'Grand Pilferage' Movie.

‘E2oro’ Releases Visuals to his ‘Grand Pilferage’ (OFFICIAL MOVIE)

Talk of versatility talk of E2oro. Fast rising Abuja based Dancer Itoro Ekpo popularly known as E2oro, hails from Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. The popular Dancer who is widely known in Abuja and its surroundings for publishing dance covers of popular Nigerian music, when asked why he did ‘Grand Pilferage’ Movie his response were “Nollywood is great and fast growing, but there hardly is a well played action movie in our industry today even if there is, its just a few. So this is me telling everybody i can actually do it.”

The short movie which was a joint effort of great minds and heads like Dir. Dotch, Dir. Desire, Dir. Donald Peters as Directors is a must watch cause it will blow your mind.

This is one of many numerous great works by the multi talented dancer.

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Stream ‘Grand Pilferage’ below


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