Eminem ‘Revival’ Album Release Date Revealed

Eminem ‘Revival’ Album Release Date Revealed

Eminem 'Revival' Album Release Date Revealed

Even before the unique campaign for Eminem’s new album Revival begun, there was a bunch of speculation about when the next Em LP would be out as there always is about an artist of his calibre.

In a short video posted to Twitter, Dr. Dre shared a campaign video that finally reveals the release date. Eminem’s ninth studio album will be released *cue drum roll* on December 15th. In the clip shared to Dre’s Twitter, Trevor, a spokesperson for the faux medication Revival, reveals that it wasn’t medication after all.

“You’ve spent the last few weeks hearing about Revival and how you could treat moderate to severe Atrox Rithimus. Well, today I have great news for all of you suffering from AR. You see, Revival isn’t a medication at all. Revival is the name of the new album from Eminem. And it’s coming out December 15th,” he says, “On behalf of everyone that took part of the Revival campaign, thank you. Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing us again. If you see me on the street, don’t ask me anything about the album, Em told me he likes to keep people guessing.”

Eminem ‘Revival’ Album Release Date Revealed

So there you have it, after months of speculations and rumors, Eminem’s new album “Revival” will finally hit stores on December 15th.

Eminem and Interscope have been incredible secretive when it came to the album. The album was initially revealed through an ad that was spotted on Paul Rosenberg’s Instagram while promoting Yelawolf’s album which made Reddit users tap into their investigative side and crack the several hints that were spotted on the poster.
He later dropped the first single with Beyonce, “Walk On Water,” and then shortly made appearances at the EMA’s and Saturday Night Live where he performed the single.

Now that the release date is reveal, hopefully he shares a few more songs off the project to give us a glimpse of what he’ll have in store for us.

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