dvsn – Morning After Album Download

dvsn – Morning After Album Download

dvsn - Morning After Album Download

Out now, stream dvsn’s new album “Morning After.”

Back in August, Canadian duo Daniel Daley and Nineteen85, better known as dvsn, announced the title to their sophomore album Morning After, which came via a feature film-esque movie poster, and read “coming soon.” Since then, the duo dropped of the single “Mood” back in September and later revealed the release date of October 13, which thankfully is now upon us.

Laced with 13 tracks in total, the follow up to last year’s debut album Sept. 5th features vocals from singer Daniel Daley, while production is handled entirely by OVO producer & fellow dvsn member Nineteen85. It’s currently led by singles “Mood,” “Don’t Choose,” & “P.O.V.” to name a few.

“On our last album, Sept. 5th, we gave you a tiny glimpse into our world, but that was much darker. It was literally a door that looked like: “enter at your own risk.” This time around, our world has gotten a little bigger, brighter, but the element of dangerous still exists.” DVSN said.

While it’s not necessarily described as a visual album, dvsn did say the album will “definitely feel like you’ve just watched a movie with your ears.” The OVO duo also said that they knew the art direction before the album was completed, which allowed them to tailor the music to complement the visuals, which are being inspired by foreign films.

“The idea behind most of the visuals on this album came from watching foreign films. In North America, we’re exposed to so many big-budget film and TV productions that we can really appreciate the raw aspect of so many films from around the world. To be specific, Asian, European, and Latin film all had three key things that stood out to us, that made them feel different from North American movies and TV: subtitles, color, and location.

Available on iTunes, fans can now stream the dark & moody album in its entirety via Apple Music. Hit play and let us know what you think!

dvsn – Morning After Album Download


1. Run Away
2. Nuh Time/ Tek Time
3. Keep Calm
4. Think About Me
5. Don’t Choose
6. Mood
7. P.O.V.
8. You Do
9. Morning After
10. Can’t Wait
11. Claim
12. Body Smile
13. Conversations in a Diner

Get The Full Album Here!!

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