DirectorGAX Interview (A Moment With Gax)

Today, 991nation is celebrating DirectorGAX the hip-hop Mugul turned Director of music video and Commercials, at a time when it seems to be as relevant as ever. Here, we asked DirectorGAX about this decision to become a director and if he’d be releaseing any songs in the future and here are his replies:
Tchange: What made you go into directing… I mean to become a director?
DirectorGAX: Well… I have always had a thing for videography. So when I felt I needed a break from music,  I thought why not go into the cinematography and so I did and I’m loving it.
Tchange: Word on the streets is that you left music coz you couldn’t or should I say wouldn’t make anything else if not “hip-hop music” knowing the fact that hip-hop has not been sellable in Nigeria over time.. Nigerians prefer “dance hall, Afro, highlife and pop music.
DirectorGAX: Hahaha it’s not entirely true but like i always say it’s “Hip-hop or Nothing” I could have easily made any Genre of music I like because I Rap, I sing and I produced back then but after finding out how hard it is to market hip-hop music that I so love in Nigeria.. I called it a quit.
Tchange: why didn’t you just switch to another genre of music?
DirectorGAX: Then I won’t be original and will have to depend on others for inspiration.. Nah I don’t want to do my self like that.
Tchange: Are you ever going to record music again?
DirectorGAX: I still get tempted when I hear dope beats.. As a matter fact some producers are still sending me beats to vibe on.
Tchange: Director, you did not answer my question. Are you going to record music again ?
DirectorGAX: Let’s see what the future holds.
Tchange: So that’s a yes then.
DirectorGAX: It’s a maybe.
There you have it guys, don’t be surprised when you hear that DirectorGAX is putting out a single in the future.

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