Desiigner Vomits Onstage While Performing Panda

“I got broads in Atlanta… BLERGHHHH!”

Desiigner was performing “Panda” at The Emporium on Long Island Saturday night when he found himself in something of a pickle. He had to throw up.The 18-year-old G.O.O.D. Music rapper had just hurled his shirt into the crowd and launched into the chorus of his hit single when all that pre-performance Yak curdling in his stomach decided it wanted to get out, ASAP. He valiantly tried to hold it together but in the end couldn’t prevent himself from blowing chunks all over the stage. Fortunately, his hype man kept the energy level high throughout.

Desiigner recovered quickly and continued to get the crowd hyped as if nothing had happened. Watch it all go down below and keep an eye out for his debut mixtape coming soon.

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