Dave B – Dive

Seattle artist Dave B gets aquatic with “Dive.”


The life aquatic with Dave B. “Dive” opens with the sound of water, immediately setting an organic atmosphere. The natural aesthetic is reflected by the arrangement of the beat, with minimalist drums and reverb drenched soundscapes. Rushing water adds an extra percussive effect, blending seamlessly with the live instrumentation, and Dave takes to it with a melodic delivery.

While the subject matter centers around the risks of a relationship, the melody and vibe remain refreshingly positive. Dave is a talented double threat, boasting a capable flow and a dope singing voice. His array of talents are on full display in “Dive,” so sit back and let it wash over you.

Quotable Lyrics

Fuckin’ with a lover not an idea
Grew up on the woody more lightyear
And you just figured out I’m a real hothead need a bib and a hug with a highchair
I get it I get it I know


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