Chris Gotti Explains What Happened When Ja Rule Fought 50 Cent

50 Cent Ja Rule Chris GottiThe bad blood between 50 Cent and Murder Inc came to the forefront again earlier this year when Irv Gotti posted the alleged order of protection Fif got against Irv, his brother Chris, and Ja Rule. 50 denied the document was what Gotti suggested it was

Chris Gotti just spoke to Vlad TV about that ancient paperwork.

“First and foremost, with paperwork, no one’s gonna fake paperwork,” Gotti said. “Who cares? At the end of the day, no one cares. No one’s gonna fake the paperwork…I heard [50’s] baby mother saying that she was at the precinct when he did the report to get the order of protection. So, she’s not lying. And it was real. Both of those things I know to be true.”

He also spoke about how the whole beef between 50 and Ja Rule started. He said Ja had been approached by 50 — who wasn’t known to Ja (or the public) at the time — at a video shoot afterparty in Queens. The conversation went poorly, and 50 started dissing Ja on his underground mixtapes.

Ja and Murder Inc next ran into 50 in Atlanta, and there was an attempt to make peace. However, as Gotti explains, it didn’t go well

“Ja and 50 walk off, talking. Rule got that big voice. You hear him ‘I don’t know you. Why are you making these records?’ 50 snuffed [punched] him,” Gotti explained. “You wanna hear the real story? Ja took the snuff.Takes him. Has his short over his head. Hitting ’em right back. [50] Gets out of his shirt and he starts running. We’re all on the way. [50] gets away. That’s what happened that day.”

Check the interview below:

Are you buying what Gotti’s selling?

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